What to look for when looking for a glass balustrade

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What to look for when looking for a glass balustrade

The main purpose of a glass balustrade or glass balcony is to provide safety not forgetting to also provide an open uninterrupted vista to the views beyond, either from the balcony itself or from inside a building through a window or a door. 

We offer a variety of glass balustrade systems these are: (links go here)

Juliet Balcony 

A Juliet Balcony features glass over an aperture that has an opening window or opening door that requires a barrier at 1100mm. 

The Juliet Balcony system helps fulfil the purpose of having floor-length inward-opening ground-level windows and to create light and space along with wider views and. 

improving the overall visual appeal of the architecture. We offer two Juliet balcony systems see:

Post & Rail also known as Modular Systems 

A barrier constructed of vertical posts with a fixed handrail linking the posts together with infill panels between the posts. This versatile modular balustrade can be used to enclose your garden, provide safety for a balcony or seating area, edge a pool or hot tub, as a windbreak, provide additional safety to external steps or paths, or be used to create unobstructed views from your patio or decking area. 

Frameless Glass Balustrade 

With frameless balustrades, no handrail is fitted and often glass panels are secured at the base only, with point fixings, continues base rail or spigots. This gives a seamless and unrestricted view, a popular choice for homes with a view. 

The key issues when considering balustrade are:

Aesthetics, Glass is strong, durable and lasting if chosen and installed correctly, It doesn’t get broken or scratched easily, it doesn’t change the shape or colour, It suits all interior and exterior designs and It’s easy to maintain

Placement, Perhaps the most important consideration is where you will be adding the balustrades. Is it inside or outside? If it is outside, environmentally resilient materials are crucial. Think high grade stainless steel or aluminium products that are durable to varying weather conditions.

Building regulations to consider re; barrier heights, loading requirements, wind loadings and impact testing as per BS6180 2011.

Once installed, a glass balustrade has minimal maintenance to consider, but be mindful that marine conditions such as salty air may cause some discolouring to the surface of the stainless steel of the correct grade and finish has not been used. For a marine environment we at Revive Balustrade would only recommend 316 Mirror polished stainless steel which will prevent the salt sitting on the balustrade and therefor stopping it going rusty. 

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