What? A glass balustrade is a barrier made of frameless glass panels that prevents falls and injuries in places where the floor level changes or there is a gap between two areas.

Why? Many people choose glass balustrades to create a modern and elegant safety barrier, especially when there is a big height difference and a risk of falling. Unlike solid materials, glass allows more natural light to enter your home and makes it look more spacious.

How? You can also use glass balustrades outdoors, for example, around your deck, balcony, or pool. They give you the security you need without blocking your view.

Where? Balconies, stairs, terraces, decking and patios, pool surroundings, landings.

Benefits: Glass balustrades have many advantages for you and your home. They enhance the look Glass balustrades can make any indoor or outdoor design look more stylish and sophisticated. Whether you want a smooth, modern vibe, or a harmonious blend with your property’s original features, glass is the ideal choice. Plus, the clear nature of glass lets you display all the essential elements of your design.

They maximise natural light and create a sense of space Glass balustrades let natural light stream through your home, something that other building materials can’t do. This, along with the ability to see from one area to another, creates a feeling of more space in your property. A good example of this is using balustrades on your stairs and landings, as you can connect multiple spaces and create a strong style.

A reliable safety feature While style is an important factor for your home improvement projects, a balustrade’s main purpose is usually as a safety barrier. Toughened glass balustrades address any safety issues by forming a solid border between areas that have a fall risk.

They’re easy to maintain and clean Glass balustrades are very simple to clean, just use warm water or your preferred glass or window cleaner.

They also don’t fade or change colour over time, something that can’t be guaranteed for other types of balustrades.

They’re durable As we mentioned before, glass balustrades can be made from toughened or laminated glass, which means they can withstand heavy use without losing quality over time.

This durability makes glass different from other materials like wood, which can get infested, or metal, which can corrode if not treated and maintained properly.